Get to know us

We are a team of experienced HR, IT and web design professionals. We live by the philosophy that sky is the limit and we love overcoming even the biggest challenges. 

Our vision & mission

Our goal is to create systems that bring benefits of greater flexibility to our customers & joy and passion for what they do. This is a reason why, we at Nalgoo would not settle for any less; the battle of estethics versus functionality has become our priority, we stress the importance of both evenly.

What Nalgoo means

We believe the word "Nalgoo" reflects us the best. Why? We yield the following:
N = never-ending passion for work
Algoo = a number of great algorithms for a more fulfilling work experience
∞ = an infinity of happy customers.


It all started back in 2009. This is when we developed the first version of an HR Process Management System.

The turning point for us, however was a year 2013. We were commissioned by an international automobile company, PSA Groupe Slovakia. It just strengthened our conviction that we were really good at what we do, because we do it differently. We decided why not to bring this added value to the other business too? 

In 2014, we opened our office doors to new team members. Ever since, we have been designing a system with an array of handy features and sophisticated design.

In 2015, Nalgoo was born. And step by step, we started welcoming new customers on board. And we are not finished yet, at all.