Applicant tracking system

Nalgoo Applicant Tracking System

Have you ever wondered what would help you streamline your recruitment management, hiring & staffing, on-boarding or internal mobility? Do you want to enrich your business with a strategic advantage and manage your data efficiently? 

Why Nalgoo ATS

It is about time to create your own recruiting strategy
It is about time to create your own recruiting strategy
  • Create your unique recruiting model and gain flexibility in the recruitment process
  • Use executive search tools online with a right applicant tracking system
  • Post and manage your job offers from one place - whenever & wherever you feel like it
  • Rely on robust security - cloud-based technology means you and your data are 100% safe and secured
Data analysis is not a luxury, it's a necessity
Data analysis is not a luxury, it's a necessity
  • Become a strategic partner for your business thanks to advanced analytics
  • Be determined and objective when making decisions
  • Use all the relevant information for the key decisions
  • Offer added value to your business partners
Save time and money. For good.
Save time and money. For good.
  • Automate the processes, such as job posting, research and registration of your candidates
  • Pass on the accurate and valid data, your HR team will appreciate it 
  • Never miss the status of your online candidates    
  • Enhance the everyday effectiveness of your recruiters with ATS
  • Be able to reach all the necessary information at your will, whenever and wherever  
Attract your candidates sooner than competition
Attract your candidates sooner than competition
  • Utilize selective candidate sorting and arranging 
  • Spare time thanks to automated cleaning of candidate duplicates 
  • Never miss a new candidate entering your ATS system 
  • Use the solution to benchmark candidates for you 
Network and build your own database of candidates
Network and build your own database of candidates
  • Work with both active and passive candidates
  • Let your employees be a direct part of the process and create a top-notch referral marketing
  • Gain perks from networking and combine recruitment strategies the way you want and need 

Price list

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Price is a key. We believe that:

  • Price needs to be always fair - it is a must for any business
  • You should pay for what you actually use and what drives you results
  • You do not put your time and finances into a software only, but into a team of people to help you at any time
  • Price should never stand in your way to achieve better results

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How to start with Nalgoo ATS


Reach out to us

What are you looking for? What do you need an ATS system for? We need to know your needs and preferences, to recommend the best possible way to use the solution - so that it works for you neatly. We are very fond of open and transparent business relationships, therefore we are not trying to sell you something you do not need.


Then comes a meeting = our space for an inspiration

Nalgoo ATS is a robust system that is ready-made for a variety of HR professionals from diverse areas. Not a clear idea about your expectations from the system? No worries, we are here and we are more than happy to inspire you with our ideas and solutions. 


Gave it a try? Leave us a feedback!

You will get a unique chance to try the system “on your own skin” to experience how it all works. We are on the run for a constant improvement, and your opinion pretty much determines our next direction.


Implementation of Nalgoo

Firstly, You will get a basic training into the system, learn how to work with it on daily basis. But it does not end there! We are ready to share all the technological and professional know-how with you whenever you need it - so you can be confident to use the system properly and limitlessly. 

Thank you, from now on, you will get your updates first-hand