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The story of c2i and Nalgoo

  • Published 04.10.2017
  • By Ms. Strixy
The story of c2i and Nalgoo

Her job is her passion and she believes that the success of the c2i team grows with every new employee. Daniel Dániel, skilled HR professional claims that she is not and doesn't want to be an expert on computer technologies. She prefers to focus on the precise selection of the right people. That however didn't stand in her way to bring digitalization in a form of Applicant tracking system. Yes, we are talking about Nalgoo ATS.

About Daniela and c2i

Lifelong experience with human resources, psychology and recruitment helps Daniela bringing synergy into the company and among the employees. Her recommendation of each candidate adds value during the evaluation process - from both a professional and a personal aspect. Thanks to this, c2i as we know it today offers stable, attractive and well-functioning work environment.

c2i was founded by Patrik Hessel in 2005. Founder’s passion for innovations was the driving force of the company from the start. Once a small B2B company, is nowadays known of supplying carbon components to the world-class brands like Porsche, Bentley or Jaguar. Internationally established organization, based in Slovakia, has products for automotive and aviation industry in its portfolio. Many of its innovative products are truly fascinating.

Aeromobil or Eros Ramazzotti's guitare  

We are talking about carbon trunks, motorcycles, or jet-surf (made out of carbon) that enables surfers to plough through the backwater. There was even a carbon guitarre for a famous artist Eros Ramazzotti made inside the 13 thousand quadratic metres big production hall. Some parts of products used by US NAVY were also crafted by c2i.

The living proof that c2i is a rapidly growing company is that in last two years the company turnover increased in 250 %.The same growth applies on the amount of employees.

From 5 employees to 430 in no time

12 years ago, Patrik Hessel was the only one on the c2i initial team who had a practical know-how with a carbon fiber. C2i’s story began with one constructor, project manager and two guys manufacturing, that were learning everything while on the go. And so did the employees coming after them.

“The first breakthrough happened in 2012. When we won our first series project - Porsche 918 Spider, we strengthened our renome and all of the sudden the doors to the next huge projects started to open for us. Projects with companies such as Bentley or BMW. In 2015, we introduced our components to the aviation industry, where are our biggest clients like Recaro Aircraft Seating, Airbus or Boeing. More project meant more employees. In 2016, we hired 130 new people. Our goal is to climb from today’s 430 to 1000 in the scale of the next 5 years.”

Daniel Dániel, HR recruiter at c2i.

Better overview during the hiring process

Daniela’s main job is to hire new applicants. As the number of positions and candidates multiply, so does the volume of the administrative tasks. What does a hiring process at c2i look like? Very often, the staff comes to the HR office in person recommending friends and family members. And it is not that easy to keep the database of such candidates always up-to-date.

How to focus on people and have perfect overview of entire hiring and staffing agenda?

At c2i, like at many companies, employees have been using Excel for ages. Not just one, but several different tables. Usually, every HR person had a personal sheet, even the personnel agency used its own system. Obviously, too much information, included in too many systems were sometimes hard to find or occasionally got lost.

Daniela knew, they were obliged to look for a system that would have following requirements:

  • Collect all the resources, where candidates come from: job portals, social media, references from the staff
  • Avoid the losses caused by the staff fluctuation
  • Contain a complete history of hiring and staffing processes, so that they could call the former applicants for an interview = what position did it regard, why did the candidate refuse/ was not selected, how did the interview go, and so on
  • Secure 100% data protection

The solution was a system that:

1. Protects the company and its data

“When we decided to automate our HR processes and go paperless, we started to do an in-house research. At first, the priority was to find a free-of-paid solution. However, the idea of saving CVs on cloud seemed quite scary. What if somebody ever gets an access to all the sensitive data and misuses them? However, we realized, the advanced data protection is much more of a priority for us. Free solutions were missing that. The timing was perfect, just when we were about to test another solution, we bumped into the team of Nalgoo professionals.”

Both companies met at the job affair. The next step was a demo of Nalgoo’s ATS solution and in a few weeks, c2i was already implementing the system. At Nalgoo, 100% guaranteed data protection always comes first.

2. Helps building company branding

The feedback is a must-do according to c2i’s philosophy. Positive or negative. A company that doesn’t communicate is a company that doesn’t exist. Features like: “mass email applicant rejection” are very handy when enhancing company branding.

3. Knows the history of company’s HR agenda

How many people have ever applied for which positions, how many relevant CVs were sent and what is the overall history of HR processes. It is important to have all these information all under-one-roof, mainly because of the fluctuation of the HR team members. To make sure the information will not leave when an employee does.

4. Gather all the resources in one place

“Candidates apply at job portals, social networks, and more. I am glad I have an overview where did which candidate come from and I can categorize them. Plus, Nalgoo is connected with our website and that way I can publish the job offers all at once wherever I want.”

5. Offers exceptional support

Every new solution comes hand in hand with some “getting familiar” period. That’s why, in the beginning the communication with the team that created the solution is necessary.

It is so easy to communicate with the Nalgoo team! So sophisticated and professional! Whenever I have an issue or questions, Nalgoo team promptly answers and tries to implement all the suggestions and feedback the fastest possible. What motivates me the most when working with Nalgoo ATS, is that I see the solution is getting better every day and the team works hard to brings new upgrades to this smart solution.”

Curious about more real stories of Nalgoo ATS users? Ask us at and feel free to schedule a meeting. We’ll be looking forward to it!

*Daniela Dániel gave us the information about how c2i utilizes Nalgoo ATS


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