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Welcome to the Infinity Blog

  • Published 07.09.2017
  • By Ms. Strixy
Welcome to the Infinity Blog

Why Infinity?

Because you will get various articles with an infinite amount of:

  • stories
  • true expert advices
  • tips & tricks
  • interesting information from the world of HR or ATS

Thanks to our Infinity blog, you will smarten yourself up about:

  • the advantages of Applicant Tracking Systems
  • positive effects of the digital era on recruitment
  • possibilities to boost your HR management
  • today’s challenges for recruiters and how to face them

... and we could go on and on like this till the end of time!

“The aim of our articles is to become a never-ending source of information and the idea behind our blog is to create a place where you’ll be happy to come back. The articles are for everyone who is hungry for knowledge and is ready to learn and discover something new from the world of HR and beyond. “
Team Nalgoo

5 main categories, at least 4 quality articles per month and You

We know that every reader creates content too and therefore we promise, we will listen to you. Where do your interests lie? Curious about the Nalgoo ATS or the newest trends and surveys? It is all about you.

But first things first. Why was this blog created? Who’s behind it? Who is it for? And what can it bring?  

Why did we decide to write blogs

We want to get to know you and we want you to know Nalgoo personally. This way, you will get to see that we truly love our jobs. Our main mission is for you to stay informed and always up-to-date. Who wouldn’t want to constantly grow as a recruitment or HR leader? Let’s have a look at the need and benefits of digitalization and enjoy innovations and technologies that this era brings along.

Who are we “the bloggers“

We don’t call ourselves bloggers in general, but we do have a handful of ideas, knowledge and information we’d love to share. We are a team that’s been living in the world of HR for eternal times and a few of us happen to be IT guys, web designers or marketers, at the same time. When designing our ATS solution, we stick to the motto, that we must overcome all the challenges. The same applies here, when creating this blogsite.

Who are the articles for

We know, what a cliché! But they are indeed for everyone! For veteran experts on hiring and staffing, for HR newbies, for those working for large corporations or family business founders. Everyone who is involved and interested in the modern HR world is looking for a treat.

What content to expect

To simplify things, we broke the articles into to 5 categories. 

  1. Expert interview – the biggest current challenges of hiring and recruitment through the eyes of a pro
  2. News – what’s new in the world of HR or at Nalgoo
  3. About ATS – all you need to know about the features and updates of the Nalgoo ATS
  4. Customer story – a good company doesn’t have to brag about itself :)
  5. Interesting facts about HR the newest studies, surveys, discoveries, statistics, tips and more

We trust that our articles will bring the added value to your business, answer all the questions you might have and will make for a great inspiration.

And if you’d like to explore more about the Nalgoo ATS, contact us at

Your Nalgoo team


Thank you, from now on, you will get your updates first-hand