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Why a recruiter plays a crucial role in the company’s future, Part 1

  • Published 01.10.2017
  • By Ms. Strixy
Why a recruiter plays a crucial role in the company’s future, Part 1

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a quite cheesy, but perfectly accurate quote by a businessman and billionaire, Steve Wenn:

Human resources isn't a thing we do. It is the thing that runs your business.”

That being said, HR department is some kind of a moving gear at many companies. On the other hand, let’s face it – Recruiting departments are not the flashiest ones and do not bring in an immediate revenue like sales does. And nevertheless, recruiters have gained a prominent spot in organisations. Why is that so?

It is a natural cycle. Recruiters choose the right people, the right people form a good, successful company and such company generates high revenue. And this is why, nowadays more and more HR leaders are starting to trust that their department is the one helping to define the future of the company.

We believe in the power of HR too and here is why:

Talent acquisition as the  #1 priority

According to the LinkedIn report on Global recruiting trends of 2017, over 83% of surveyed said talent is the number one priority in their organization. As a matter of fact, HR pros finally start to feel confident that they are helping to drive business decisions at the C-level. 

linkedin report

Source: LinkedIn report on Global recruiting trends of 2017      

Effective talent acquisition is the key to a competitive future. According to ManpowerGroup, Talent Shortage Survey Research, there are 200 million people are available to be hired, while 4% of companies around the world report having difficulty filling jobs. How is it possible? Well, the demand for skilled talents exceeds the supply. Being able to hire excellent talents is something that could be your company’s biggest competitive advantage. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), a number of organizations and its HR teams haven’t realized it just yet. 

Competitive workforce and Employer branding

Competitive differentiation should most definitely be a top concern for recruiters like you. Dealing with intense competition? Strapped for resources? Work on your employer branding. Bring crafted messages to talented job hunters and reinforce the unique value proposition of your company.

 Your reputation is at stake here. Are you a brand one would be proud to work for? Or better, could you attract millennial job seekers?

 Think about recruitment as a product (the company) you are selling to a potential consumer (the employee). What is an employee truly looking for?

  • Good job - they can be passionate about
  • Brand name  - that is trustworthy & reputable

Measurement of successful hiring 

Measuring your results is a must. How else would we learn and prepare for the future? So, how exactly do we measure successful hiring?

We concentrate on the quality and length of the hiring process.We know, it's not an easy feat to keep metrics on aspects such as quality of hire (length of stay, hiring manager satisfaction...), that's why we will share the top three ways to measure success:

  • The length of time the new hire stays
  • The satisfaction of the hires that stay at the company
  • The time it takes to fill a position

If the numbers do not meet the expectations and predictions, you know where to look for a change. 

Diversity in recruitment & Workplace diversity

Have you ever thought of the effects of workplace diversity on corporate culture?

Entelo's 2017 Annual Recruiting Trends Report indicates that 67.4% of talent acquisition pros say that management either supports or strongly supports workplace diversity.


  of companies supports workplace diversity    

Various backgrounds, skills. Different age, sex, race or religion. We are all different and can all build one stable, foolproof workplace. Diversity is becoming a “thing” and gains more attention especially at large corporations. It is important to keep in mind that your organisation’s talent acquisition strategy is designed to attract diverse candidates. Your competitors’ already do. 

So, no more blind hiring, if you want to attract diverse candidates in the upcoming years. Recognise workplace diversity as your competitive advantage and focus on the social and financial benefits you can gain.

Remember, it’s never too early to start planning your recruiting strategy for 2018! Just keep in mind that HR and HR teams can define the future of your business.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article, coming to your devices very soon!

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