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How Accace uses Nalgoo

  • Datum 12.09.2017
  • Autor Ms. Strixy
How Accace uses Nalgoo

“When it comes to functionality, Nalgoo Applicant Tracking System is a few years ahead of its time! I really appreciate a customer-centric approach and I would only recommend working with Nalgoo and its team.“

- Laura Zikmundová, Group HR Manager, Accace Slovakia*

Get to know Accace

The main mission of the company founded in Slovakia, is to offer a high-quality outsourcing of accounting, HR and advisory services. One of the goals of Accace is to unburden its clients from needless paperwork with a help of innovative IT solutions, including the ones Accace develops in-house.

What used to be a small family business, is now rapidly growing and has a potential to reach the level of the “Big four“. With more than 400 employees spread around 13 European countries; Accace still manages to cherish the family atmosphere. Accace is one step ahead of its competition thanks to the loyal and honest relationships with its customers and employees.  

At Accace, it is believed that work effectivity and productivity is a must, and that explains the positive attitude towards the innovations and technology that make the staff more productive. Chaos, caused by the manual data import into different systems, too much paperwork with CVs or the usage of “old-school“ systems – those are enough reasons why the employees at Accace decided to say yes to the “digital revolution of HR“.

Time for a change

...or how did Accace get the whole digitalization and automation of HR processes running?

The employees have been using a well-run intranet tool developed by an external company. Customized to Accace‘ company needs, with its own database of employees and clients. The solution served for communication, document management, and similar purposes. However, it has not been evolving with the digital age and doesn’t fulfill the requirements of Accace any longer.

Next steps? It was the time to move forward and improve the communication, not only with the employees, but with the potential candidates at the same time.


  • System that the employees of Accace had been using before was getting outdated with time
  • It had never been actively utilized for hiring and staffing
  • The only way used to hire new candidates were job portals and website ads
  • Simply, it was not satisfying, there were even some considerations to go back to the paper-based method

HR team was facing a few key questions:

How to learn all about the candidate or a specific position, new or old without any manual paperwork or complicated research of Excel sheets?

And how to be always aware who was the last person to communicate with the candidate that didn’t meet the requirements or didn’t match the sought-after profile – but could be suitable for a newly opened job?

The answer was simple. With a system. The right system, that will be actually utilized and favored among the employees.

“Even though, we love new technologies at Accace, we are relatively sceptical when it comes to the solutions that are the ‘market newbies’. However, when we ran into Nalgoo ATS, we changed our minds. During the initial demo presentation of the product, it was hard to believe , there are still the tools this progressive in the area of HR.“

The team at Accace has always highlighted the importance of the process of applicant identification and filtering based on several requirements, entailing complex documentation and details about each candidate. So, how to puzzle up the information into one stable picture? How to find a system that will enable a nonstop information flow and will quicken the whole selection process?

The switch to Nalgoo ATS

Before the implementation of Nalgoo ATS was initiated, the first plan was to create an in-house solution to manage HR agenda. However, it wasn’t successful. Accace went through many meetings with hope to get familiar with such systems, but not one of them came even close to what they were looking for.

“We didn’t actually seek an HR solution actively, and yet we were still very happy to meet the Nalgoo ATS. The first advantage we are fond of, is that Nalgoo ATS is integrated with the job portals, which we use to advertise jobs available. Another plus is that we can test the functionality day by day, give some considerable feedback. And since the solution is still advancing and getting richer feature-wise, we are glad, we can actually help shaping the solution from scratch."

And what actual benefits did Accace recognize after a half a year with Nalgoo ATS?

  • Simplified communication between the employees, company and the candidates
  • Saved time & elimination of the paperwork
  • A complex solution for recruitment with a clear picture of all the candidates – no need for any additional HR tools
  • Massive support for employer branding
  • It can be fully tailored to the Accace company branding
  • The ability to record data reciprocally to the system
  • Email templates
  • Data that are 100% safe and secure
“When I work with Nalgoo ATS, I can see, it was not made by machines, but the real people. Everything I need, I can find with a blink of an eye, in one or two clicks. Simply said, the buttons are always where they are supposed to be. That’s something many solutions are missing these days. Easier orientation.   
In addition, whenever I come up with something that could be added, I am always listened out. I have to say, I don’t think I have ever experienced client-oriented approach like this before.“

Future plans

  1. Nalgoo as something that could help out the clients of Accace too

Many SME companies waste way too many resources on the HR agencies. The solution to the problem, Acccace sees in the implementation of new ATS or HR systems like Nalgoo ATS,  including several SME companies that happen to be the clients of Accace.

     2. Nalgoo’s full potential  

Laura revealed that they plan to dive deeper into the N-gate that is a platform, a part of Nalgoo ATS and helps design and publish job positions. The integration with Outlook and Gmail email is also on the list.

      3.   Nalgoo as a solution for other Accace offices

The plan is to promote Nalgoo among other subsidiaries internationally.

“I recommend Nalgoo, not only to HR pros, but to anyone who’s ready to make HR easier, in general.“

*Laura Zikmundová gave us the information about how Accace utilized Nalgoo ATS


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