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Meet Nalgoo® ATS, a modern Applicant Tracking System with personal support and professional assistance.

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Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a piece of comprehensive online software that meets all the criteria of the modern recruiter, helping you to manage your recruiting process and work with your candidates in an easy and reliable way.


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What is your mission today?

001 Launch

I want to grow my sales force, tracking its real-time progress and the progress of all my activities on the go, and objectively evaluate the work of my sales professionals.

026 Constellation

I want to know more about the Nalgoo® project and the people who will provide the personal support and professional assistance to me.

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I want to find more talents in less time, hire people who are the perfect culture fit for my company and have fun in my work while doing so.

Let’s begin the journey towards a completely new level of joy
and an exceptional comfort in your everyday work.


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A Universe of possibilities

  • Effective candidate management from the very first reaction to your job offer until hiring to your team.

  • Data you’ll never lose and all the important information always kept up to date and safely backed up.

  • Quick and easy communication with colleagues and candidates through comments, conversations and collective messages with various templates.

  • Unique job offer designs that stand out and make an excellent first impression on your candidates. 

  • Intelligent in-depth analysis based on real-time data which help you to evaluate your campaigns and make strategic decisions.

What do you expect from your new Applicant Tracking System?

With Nalgoo® ATS you get:
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ATS Basic

A simplified version of the system, designed for hiring and sales managers. This minimalistic design provides an ideal solution to easily keep track of relevant job positions and candidates and quickly read and share the important information.

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Online application for human resource management and recruiters tailored specifically to their needs. ATS Pro offers comprehensive recruiting and hiring tools and detailed analytics to create and evaluate strategies, research and track candidates, and advertise open job positions in one place.

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Your own career page and modern application forms accessible to your candidates through direct link. Design your job offers according to your corporate design and share them on social media or integrate them directly with your website and make an excellent first impression.

Our crew

SINCE 2009

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and experts in human resources, information technologies and candidate relationship management systems. In Nalgoo®, you’ll find a powerful ATS with local support for the entire duration of your company’s use of the software, as well as expert consultation services, HR marketing services and trainings for your HR professionals and recruiters.

Team Nalgoo

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