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Experts on recruiting say, only 9 % of companies are ready to digitalize their HR processes. However, 74% think that digitalization of HR is a necessity. Nobody knows what future holds, hence, we decided to create it now. Discover our Applicant Tracking System and move your HR services to the future today.


Applicant Tracking System Nalgoo

Have you ever wondered how to manage your staffing & hiring, onboarding or internal mobility more effectively? Do you want to gain a strategic advantage for your business and manage your data proficiently? 

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Secured and safe data are one of our foundations. Robust security is a must when working with valuable and sensitive information. Nalgoo is a cloud-based solution that stresses the importance of 100% protection of data which are saved in data centres in European Union.  

Nalgoo is a cloud solution, meaning, all you need to freely access and use it, is an Internet connection. Once we agree on the basic conditions, such as a scale of services you require, and once we go through with the professional training - you are all set and can start using the application! At Nalgoo, we keep your data 100% safe at all times. You are in good hands, all the needed certificates we own are  the best proof. 

  • it helps you streamline your communication processes with business partners
  • you can save time and energy, while being able to work and publish your job offers from one place
  • it not only manages complex hiring and staffing processes, but also serves as an online platform to level up company and employer branding
  • the system automatically shares a particular job position - not just to the job portals and social networks, but to your colleagues, acquaintances and befriended websites, at the same time. 

    Nalgoo entails dozens of advantages and sophisticated tools that help you optimize your HR processes with an ease. With Nalgoo, you have your recruiting processes under control; and can even create and manage recruiting strategies tailor-made for individual positions. Automate and boost your HR processes and save time and resources, at the same time. We carry out the optimization of processes, for instance, the system automatically adds candidates into the database. Based on evaluation of required criteria for individual positions and on automatic evaluation of candidates, Nalgoo sorts the candidates properly.

    Nalgoo is available in several language variations, including English, German, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and Serbian. Currently, we are working on Italian, French, Czech and Polish system versions.