Additional HR Services

Enjoy the benefits of your new Applicant Tracking System to the fullest

By choosing Nalgoo® you get a reliable Applicant Tracking System solution with many other additional services focused on making your hiring efficient and enjoyable for everyone inside and outside of your company.

Referral Program


The employee Referral Program helps you to expand your candidate network by efficiently engaging your employees in individual hiring campaigns. Ask your employees to spread the word about your open job positions among their buddies and obtain the best recommendations in no time. 


The Referral Program motivates your employees to take an active part in building your human resources and influence the future of your company while getting rewarded for their good work at the same time. 


By allowing pretty much anyone in the company to join your hiring campaigns, you get more candidates in less time, discover amazing talents, save time and budget for paid advertising and get in touch with relevant people with expertise from dedicated networks such as HR, IT or even marketing.


How does the Referral Program work?

Your employees get their own interface with a personal dashboard tracking the progress of job positions they chose to engage in. They can voluntarily choose the positions they think they know relevant candidates for, address the relevant people and track the progress of their candidates in real time. Each employee can also see, manage and pick from the available rewards they are offered for every new recommendation.

LinkedIn Recruiting

LinkedIn recruiting is a popular way to discover new candidates every day. But the more people you connect with, the more difficult it is to recall if you’ve ever met or seen them before and what the occasion was. Fortunately, with Nalgoo® remembering everything, there is no need for you to do so as well.


The Nalgoo® LinkedIn plugin is a helpful assistant that tells you immediately if the person you are looking at exists in your candidate database or not. If not, there is nothing to wait for! The LinkedIn plugin not only verifies if you’ve worked with this person before but also allows you to easily create their profile and add their CV with only a few clicks, right from your LinkedIn.


Don’t waste your time searching through people you already know; start addressing new candidates quickly and efficiently!



There are many job positions requiring specific skills or experience which determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job or not. Imagine the amount of saved time and prevented bad decisions if you knew this crucial information about your candidates right away.


With N-forms, pre-screening has never been easier. Create your own company-branded forms in the form creator and add it to a chosen N-gate with only one click. The big variety of question types allows you to ask everything you need to know and the user-friendly interface helps you to easily save, edit, duplicate or delete any form you’ve ever created. The answers from your candidates are securely gathered and saved in the system, accessible anytime you need them in your Nalgoo® and in a downloadable Excel file.


However, the use of form creator doesn’t end here. You can use this handy tool to easily create feedback forms, company research, NPS of your recruitment process or an evaluation scale to assess your recruiters’ performance as well.


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