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An integral part of every successful hiring campaign is clever marketing. Well-thought-out marketing activities help you to build a strong employer brand and positively affect everyone who comes into contact with your company – from candidates and employees to customers.


Our team has been offering HR services since 2009, with many marketing services included in the projects we’ve successfully delivered to our clients. With us, you’ll be getting not only our production team but also creative people with 15 years of know-how who understand your needs and the environment you work in. Get in touch with us and get your story out there in a modern and effective way!

How does it work?

Each project is unique and depends on your goals and needs. After the first meeting and strategic consultation, we’ll prepare a proposal for you including proposed tools to analyze your company DNA and values. We identify key elements of your company identity, which allow us to build an employer branding strategy based on what's authentic and really important for you and what attracts those candidates and employees who share the same values.


After the analysis, we’ll prepare the video or graphic design for you from start to finish – including script writing, filming and editing – and find the best ways to implement them into your recruiting and sales strategies (your N-gates and career page, social media, etc.). The final video or banner will represent the specific character and values of your company in line with your company branding (colors, language...).


Recruiting video

Nowadays, video content is a common part of hiring campaigns in modern companies. A recruiting video is a great way to show your workspace, people in the team and your company culture or to better explain the requirements for the open job position. Differentiate yourself from your competition and get more relevant candidates thanks to sharing only the important values, missions and views they can identify with.


Case study or Interview

The best way to show your company culture and values to your candidates and new employees is to include people who have first-hand experience with it. A case study video can tell an employee’s personal story about why they work for you, what they have achieved so far and what their goals are for the future. This type of video feels personal, trustworthy and can be used for both recruiting and sales goals.


Instructional video or Manual

An instructional video shows your employees how to use the specific product or how to follow a specific process in your company. It is especially effective when you work with complex software in your company. We can include your employee in order to show the software, make an animated video or record a screen and create a manual for using a specific application. 


Internal communication

Videos can also be used inside the company to share important information, for example the onboarding videos for new employees about the company history and work processes or videos explaining new projects. It is also an excellent way to address an important milestone or recognize the success of your teams publicly and congratulate them. They become an effective form of content worthy of your budget especially in situations where content is repeated all the time, for example in explaining the company rules to new employees.


Other videos

There are never-ending possibilities of how to tell your story with video. We will be happy to make your company a brand video or a social responsibility video that shows the initiatives and charities you support, which is a great way to show your candidates who you are and what is important for you.


Graphic design

Create the perfect first impression on your candidates with the modern graphic design on your website, social sites, job advertisement, career page or even in print. We will be happy to create attractive banners for your N-gate job offers, introduce the open job positions or new product on your website or make your hiring campaign bigger on LinkedIn and Facebook. Contact us about graphic design and get more attention thanks to modern banners, flyers, newsletters or rollups.


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