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Nalgoo® offers professional talent acquisition services that help you to improve your hiring processes, build your employer brand, find the best talents and keep track of them and work more efficiently at the same time. Let’s create invincible teams together!

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Nalgoo® ATS for HR improves your hiring processes

Our comprehensive hiring solution makes all of your tasks easier and helps you to find more talents in less time, allowing you both to focus on other important things and enjoy your everyday work more.

... or try Nalgoo® ATS in your Sales Force

Are your sales professionals working hard to extend your sales network but don’t have the time or the right tools to track their progress?


Are you looking for an application which will help you to keep an overview of current goals and evaluate or change hiring strategy based on objective data?


Nalgoo® ATS is the answer.


Even further support with your talent acquisition

By choosing Nalgoo® you get not only a reliable Applicant Tracking System solution but also a comprehensive variety of additional talent acquisition services which will make your hiring efficient and enjoyable for everyone inside and outside of your company.


Enjoy the benefits of Nalgoo® ATS to the fullest with a modern career page promoting all of your open positions, discover amazing talents in your employees' networks thanks to the Referral Program, let the LinkedIn Plugin verify if a candidate is in your database or create their profile with only one click and make your own personalized forms in the N-forms form builder to use in pre-screenings or to collect the data from your candidates and HR business partners.


Gain confidence with our professional trainings

Competency-Based Interview

Learn how to get the answers you need in order to get to know your candidates and see beyond the ones who just talk or look the part.


Assessment and Development Center

Evaluate and screen multiple candidates at the same time, eliminate the unsuitable ones and proceed only with the real talents.



Predict a candidate's potential, job performance, work ethic, reasoning and skill level and determine whether they are a cultural fit for you quickly and easily.


Build the employer brand you’ve always desired

An integral part of every successful hiring campaign is clever marketing. With us, you’ll be getting not only our production team but also creative people with 15 years of know-how who understand your needs and the environment you work in.


We will help you to build a strong and sustainable employer branding strategy based on a comprehensive analysis of your company DNA and values to attract those candidates and employees who will be the perfect fit for your organization.


Get in touch with us and get your story out there in a modern and effective way!

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