Nalgoo® ATS for Human Resources

The ideal balance between sophisticated design and high performance

Hiring people isn’t difficult. Hiring people who are the perfect culture fit for your organization, however, is an art which you can truly master only with the right tool in your hand.


Nalgoo® ATS is modern recruiting software designed as a SaaS system to make all of your tasks easier and your everyday work more enjoyable. The comprehensive hiring options help you to find more talents in less time, allowing you to focus on other important things in the meantime.

Enjoy the benefit of personal support

Nalgoo® isn’t your ordinary software provider. We are a team of technology enthusiasts and hiring and assessment specialists who are always happy to help you and discuss your recruitment strategies further to continue providing the best solutions for you. 

Understand Nalgoo® ATS in the context of your work


If you want to hire the best of the best, you need to be assured that you are seen – by everyone and everywhere. Nalgoo® ATS makes your job offer the topic of the day by posting it automatically to all the websites, job portals and social media you choose. 

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Create a modern career page with all of your open job positions in one place and unique job advertisements with a quick and easy one-click option to send a CV. Add your own design, company-branded video or pre-screening questionnaire and make the all-important good first impression on your candidates. Falling in love with your company has never been easier.


You’ll never get off track! Comprehensive candidate management tools allow you to keep your data organized and accessible anytime and anywhere. Easily follow your candidates’ journeys, find all the important information, documents and communication history in their profiles and never miss new candidates thanks to customizable e-mail notifications.

3 Organized

Safe & Secure

It is a great feeling to see your business growing, but you can’t always say the same about your data. The more data you have, the more difficult it is to ensure that it doesn’t get disorganized or even lost. Nalgoo® ATS safely stores all the data about your candidates and takes the highest security measures to protect them in terms of GDPR.

4 Safe Secure


With advanced communication and collaboration tools, it’s impossible for you to forget anything. Cooperate and share notes with your hiring managers or colleagues and easily give feedback to your candidates using various templates and a bulk message option. Communicate effectively using only one system on your PC, tablet and phone.

5 Collaborative


It’s nice to see the results of your hiring campaigns, but if they aren’t what you expected, it’s already too late. Nalgoo® ATS helps you to evaluate your strategy and check your hiring progress and goals every day in the real-time dashboard. Get better at making good hiring decisions thanks to various analytics reports that are customizable to your needs, such as candidate source, candidate journey, time to hire and many more.

With Nalgoo® ATS you get:

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ATS Basic

A simplified version of the system, designed for hiring and sales managers. This minimalistic design provides an ideal solution to easily keep track of relevant job positions and candidates and quickly read and share the important information.

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Online application for human resource management and recruiters tailored specifically to their needs. ATS Pro offers comprehensive recruiting and hiring tools and detailed analytics to create and evaluate strategies, research and track candidates, and advertise open job positions in one place.

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Your own career page and modern application forms accessible to your candidates through direct link. Design your job offers according to your corporate design and share them on social media or integrate them directly with your website and make an excellent first impression.

And there’s still more.

Discover all of our specialized services

By choosing Nalgoo® you not only get a reliable Applicant Tracking System but also access to all of our products and services, which are focused on making your hiring and work even more effortless, effective and enjoyable. Grow your sales network, engage your employees in the hiring process, build your own personalized forms or move your marketing to the next level. Discover our specialized services and enjoy Nalgoo® ATS to the fullest.

SUPRISINGLY FAST IMPLEMENTATIONAll you need is a web browser

Nalgoo® ATS is cloud-based software which doesn’t require any installation. Since your data is safely stored and easily accessible online, you can start using the ATS in no time.