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Suprisingly Fast Implementation

1. Get in touch

What are you looking for in your new Applicant Tracking System? We need to know about your expectations in order to recommend the best solution for you and to make sure you’re not sold something you don’t really need!


2. Let’s meet

Nalgoo® ATS is a complex system with a high level of personalization options according to your needs and preferences. We will be more than happy to discuss why you are looking for a change in your candidate management, talk about what your recruitment process should look like and inspire you with our ideas and solutions. Let’s meet and explore all the possibilities together.


3. Give it a try

You will have an opportunity to try the system for yourself with our professional assistance to show you how everything works in more detail. We will go through specific workflows together, discuss the variety of user roles and custom reports options and make sure the system is tracking the recruitment process of your company correctly and is ready for everything you need.


4. Gain confidence

Happy with the demo? Perfect. Let’s get right to the implementation! Nalgoo® ATS is cloud-based software which doesn’t require any installation. Since your data is safely stored and easily accessible online, all you need is a web browser. You will get a basic training on the system and learn how to work with it on a daily basis. But it doesn't end there! We are ready to share all the technological and professional know-how with you whenever you need it, so you can be confident of using the system properly and without limits.


5. Let us handle the communication

We understand the importance of getting all the employees on board when implementing new software into your company. Let us handle the communication towards the new users of Nalgoo® ATS, explaining how to use the ATS, what is changing and all the positive ways in which this change affects your hiring processes.


6. Enjoy never-ending support

We will make sure to check up on you regularly in the first weeks after launching Nalgoo® ATS in your company and continue to provide immediate local support to make sure everything works perfectly and everyone is confident and comfortable for the entire duration of your use of the software. Get Nalgoo® ATS today and you will also get all the new functions coming from our continuous development free forever.


Hear it from our customers

There are as many recruiting processes and hiring strategies as there are companies. We understand the unique needs of our clients and offer various modifications and personalization options for the system. Today we successfully deliver our hiring solutions to small, medium and enterprise companies in various sectors and EU countries.