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Employee referral program

The Employee Referral Program helps you to expand your candidate network by efficiently engaging your employees in individual hiring campaigns. Ask your employees to spread the word about your open job positions among their buddies and obtain the best recommendations in no time.

The Referral Program motivates your employees to take an active part in building your human resources and influence the future of your company while getting rewarded for their good work at the same time.

Our goal is to provide you with an efficient collaboration tool for filling open positions.

What are the core purposes of the Nalgoo Referral Program?

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Ensure better visibility of job postings

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Attract more candidates in a shorter time

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Strengthen employer branding

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Acquire talents from networks and communities you didn't have direct access to before

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Speed up the filling of available positions

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Reduce costs associated with staffing agencies and job portals

What benefits can a digitalized referral program bring?

Maximizing Efficiency of Referral Program

HR departments today face many challenges. One of them is the issue of the time which recruiters spend on hiring. Moreover, it's important to consider how and where to find talents for the company given the general lack of candidates. 

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Empower Your Employees

A digital Employee Referral Program can provide instant feedback and rewards to employees for their referrals, further increasing their engagement. The digitized process is easier for all users, both referrers and scouts, as well as HR administrators. The biggest advantage is the accuracy the system provides. Thanks to process automation, errors in bonus payouts, rule compliance, and deadlines are eliminated. 

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Stay Informed About Progress

Digitization ensures a smooth flow of information, motivating employees to get involved. They feel their contributions are appreciated, and HR departments truly deal with their referrals. They are informed about what is happening with their recommended candidate, and they have access to all of this in their application. 

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Increase the Reach of Candidates

Employee Referral Program is the key to reaching candidates who are not typically within reach. It allows for broader reach and, most importantly, speed. Through a digitized Employee Referral Program, your employees can quickly and easily share notifications about job openings with their acquaintances or friends through social networks, emails, or messages. The whole process is more transparent and easier to manage. 


Sustainable and Cost-Effective Management

Last but not least, digitization allows for minimizing traditional printed paper materials. Management and administration are automated, saving not only the environment but also time and costs. By engaging your employees in the Referral Program, you will acquire the most suitable candidates faster, reduce your recruitment costs, and automate the entire system.  

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Track Success with Digitized Referral Program

Digitization brings continuous monitoring of results, allowing you to track analytics on how the Employee Referral Program is performing, the level of engagement, and the collective results you are achieving. 

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How to build and support a culture of referrals

To achieve a sustainable Employee Referral Program, you cannot overlook the culture of referrals. Transparent communication is one of the key factors for the success of an Employee Referral Program. The most valuable thing for your employees could be recognition or appreciation of their efforts, so do not underestimate acknowledging the efforts of your employees. Show them appreciation and provide honest feedback. 


Undoubtedly, involve managers in this process, equip them with communication, and demonstrate to them that Employee Referral Program makes sense. Provide your managers with a new tool and gain new ambassadors for your Employee Referral Program. 


Explain to your colleagues the values, competencies, as well as the characteristics of an ideal candidate. Illustrate why they should get involved, where they can make referrals, and how to engage their community. Providing all the information increases the likelihood of engagement. 

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Why does it make sense to actively involve employees?

Motivated and satisfied employees are great company ambassadors. Those who are happy to work in your company and speak positively about it to their acquaintances attract a higher number of qualified and likely suitable candidates.

Did you know that up to 75% of job seekers read about a company's brand and reputation before applying for a job?

If an employee recommends your company to their acquaintances, the recommendation carries much more credibility than advertising or promotion from the company. 

How to prevent complications in engaging employees?

  • Before launching the Employee Referral Program, prepare internal communication for both employees and department heads and managers. The referral program is an internal 'product' that needs its own marketing to succeed. Create simple marketing campaigns and communicate with your employees regularly.

  • The process raises many questions that employees may have, so be prepared and have answers to frequently asked questions in the context of Employee Referral Program.

  • To generate interest from your employees to participate, you must clearly define and plan the bonuses you will pay for each position and who is eligible to receive a bonus even before the implementation begins. Clear rules increase the credibility of the program and the expectation of engagement.

Motivation and marketing go hand in hand

Motivate your employees

Employee motivation is key to the successful implementation of the Employee Referral Program. If you want employees to actively participate in the program and recommend your company to their acquaintances, you must make it clear to them that you value and address their recommendations. 

Motivation needs to be supported by internal marketing, which would continually remind employees that they have the opportunity to help someone find a job. In addition to the good feeling of a successful referral, they can also be rewarded. 

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How to do it?

We can assist you in regularly informing employees about the Employee Referral Program through various communication tools. Inform them about the program's successes and reward those who contribute to its operation. Emphasize that their recommendations are valuable and can have a positive impact on team building and corporate culture. 


Transparency and clarity are the keys. You must ensure that your employees understand how the Referral program works and what its reward conditions are. Transparency is important to minimize misunderstandings and to ensure that employees are not confused or demotivated. 

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Integration with Nalgoo ATS

Scouts or Employees

Employees will have access to their own environment, where they can participate in recruitment campaigns, track candidate progress, and compare their level of engagement with others. Digitized Employee Referral Program not only expands the candidate pool but also promotes a collaborative and motivated workforce.


Security and Transparency

Maintain complete control over your data and evaluate all activities, including payouts, from one place. The digitization of referral tracking will help you utilize time more efficiently and evaluate activities.


How can Referral Application make the process easier?


In the digitized Employee Referral Program, employees can earn points for various actions such as registration, sending referrals, sharing job positions on social networks, and more. Employees can exchange the earned points for a variety of non-monetary or monetary rewards. 

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With the digitized Employee Referral Program, you can set any number of bonus levels that engaged employees can achieve. You can create reward groups that allow you to control the amount and currency in which you want to make rewards available to employees. Employees can see the rewards they are entitled to directly in their application. Manage available bonuses anytime and anywhere; the application provides flexibility and choice. 

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Honest feedback and regular rewards are crucial for the success of any employee referral program. Rewarding employees for their referral activities at the right time and in the right way motivates them. The rule of transparency and clarity of the rules also applies here. 

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Are you considering digitizing or resetting your Employee Referral Program? 

We would be delighted to share our experiences with implementing Employee Referral Program and guide you through our digitized Employee Referral Program. With our application, you'll have everything in one place, allowing you to easily manage processes and track progress. In addition to implementation and support, we'll gladly assist you with conceptual marketing and internal communication to your employees, which is an essential part of Employee Referral Program

We'd be happy to provide you with references from our clients who have opted for the digitization of their Employee Referral Program. If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact us.

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