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Where to find talent for the company? If you motivate your employees properly, they will be happy to recommend them to you

Studies show that an employee referral program brings more than just "acquaintances" to the team. Employees recruited in this way bring quality and stay longer.

Company Culture

By managing your company culture, you can increase your company's profits

It's better to manage company culture for thriving of company than to let it take a life on its own. There are several reasons for this.


Breakfast with Kariéra: Where to look for talent and what does the future of AI look like?

How to maximize the potential of AI while maintaining ethical standards with respect to today's workforce? What are the implications of AI for justice and morality? These questions were explored by industry experts at the Breakfast with Kariéra event. Once again, the HR community of recruiters, managers and recruiters came together under one roof, and there was no shortage of presentations from experts.

Hrad Dunaj Ufo Lod

Head of HR for the Capital of Slovakia: more and more young people want to work for the city

Several departments are going digital, civil servants go to work in jeans and trainers, they are not afraid to talk about long-overlooked topics, shares information with citizens, they talk openly about important issues and they have set up an innovation team and a lab that delivers effective digital solutions - no wonder the office is becoming an attractive workplace for young people too. We spoke to Martina Rothová, Head of Human Resources for the Capital City, to find out how the city's HR department works, what changes it is going through and which colleagues will fit into the team.


Are you implementing digital solutions in your HR department ? Take inspiration from well-known Slovak and foreign companies.

Digital innovations have been changing HR departments in companies in our country and in neighboring countries for several years. How have well-known Slovak and local branches of foreign companies grasped this process? What situations have they had to cope with and what have the changes brought them?

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Case Study

STILL CZ digitalizes recruitment, gives employees the opportunity to improve onboarding

The HR team at STILL CZ is increasingly moving its recruitment and onboarding activities online and using IT technologies. It has also managed to include cooperation with recruitment agencies in this process. The smart system has thus replaced individual candidate registration, tracks key data and the efficiency of the solution gives the HR department more time to devote to employees once they have been hired.

Interview With

Renowned computer scientist Mária Bieliková: We don't want brains to leave Slovakia, but to circulate.

Slovak scientist Mária Bieliková is trying to change the “brain drain” trend where young talent is leaving Slovakia to pursue opportunities abroad, by giving them a reason to stay while at the same time offering an opportunity to return from abroad. The Founding of the Kempelen Institute - a project completely unprecedented in Slovakia, is the result of a long-term work and initiative. The largest private sector businesses invest in basic research and development. It connects the expertise from within academia with companies to deliver a wide range of applicable and practical IT solutions. It looks at how companies and universities can cooperate with the institute, how to create an inspiring environment for the talent in Slovakia, what kind of people will fit into the KInIT team and whether scientists actually go for a beer?

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Case Study

Union employees participate in the selection of their colleagues by recommending them for a specific position. This bold move has proven to be successful after 2 years of the company's "referral" programme.

Union employees are able to participate in the selection of their colleagues by recommending them for a specific position. This bold move has proven to be successful over the 2 years the company's "referral" programme has been running.

Dizajn Bez Názvu (11)

96% of Slovak people know about happy socks and dancing hamsters (from the popular tv advertisement), but who are the people behind it?

Dedoles, genuinely cares about the happiness of their employees. Kamil Reľovský, HR Director at Dedoles, revealed to us what care for the employees looks like. Apparently very good, as the company has been growing rapidly and is continuing to expand, even during the time of the corona crisis. Hundreds of employees in a variety of roles have access to training, their own library, a wide range of benefits and are given the freedom to express their individuality.

Case Study

Generali: Following the successful implementation of Nalgoo at head office, we are digitalizing the sales network

Generali Insurance Company is one of the leaders in the field of digitalization, robotization and automation. The digital systems and applications used by its managers were expanded a few months ago to include the recruitment management application Nalgoo. Due to its great success at head office, it has also been adopted by the company's own sales network. Where the recruitment process is almost fully digitalised.

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Case Study

Generali has digitised its recruitment process. Nalgoo's innovations move us forward.

Initially, the head office of Generali insurance company was looking for a system to digitalize its recruitment processes. For more than a year it has relied upon Nalgoo ATS and, based on the positive changes which were implemented, it has now expanded this approach into its own sales network. Apparently, this is not the final milestone! In the future, Generali wants to introduce it on other processes as well.

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Case Study

With Nalgoo ATS, our recruitment process has become more efficient and simplified as far as possible

The Slovak branch of Kistler with more than 120 employees is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Kistler Group, a world leader of dynamic measuring systems. The local HR team was looking for a suitable tool to manage their recruitment processes. After about a year of using the Nalgoo ATS recruitment system, they have seen savings in time and energy for individual tasks, have clear data available at any time all in one place, and have more time to invest in internal HR projects thanks to the automation of processes.