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The most common mistakes that reduce the success of an employee referral program.

There are companies that are terrified by the idea of "letting employees to speak". They fear that if they are too visible online in an employee referral program, they may be noticed and approached by other employers. But the truth is that if they are good at their field, it is quite likely that other companies will contact them. It would be a shame if this fear deprives you of the relevant talent that a referral program can bring, as candidates trust employees more than employers.


Toxic work culture. Why are employees hesitant to uncover the truth?

In the world of corporate games, where productivity and ambition intertwines, a silent problem often arises - the toxicity of the work culture. But what is even more interesting to observe, is the silence that surrounds this problem. Why can't employees bring themselves to speak up about the widespread toxic environment?


Conflicts in the workplace. What to do and what to avoid for amicable relationships.

Entering the world of workplace conflict is like entering an unfamiliar space. No matter how idyllic the work atmosphere is, conflicts are an inseparable part of team life. And it is the way we deal with them that can either strengthen the team spirit or worsen it. Imagine you are part of a team working on a joint project. Everything is going smoothly until an issue arises among team members about the appropriate approach for the project’s solution. Discussions escalate into misunderstandings and tension is gradually increasing. If you had proven methods and strategies for resolving conflict, you could maintain team spirit and contribute to effective problem solving. That will be our aim in this article - discovering how to deal with potential conflicts and, at the same time, how to take advantage of opportunities to strengthen teamwork.

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What content works for recruiters on social media ?

It has long been the case that a full feed of (any) posts will guarantee the desired effect on the audience. Authentic, visually appealing, professional yet friendly - that's how content communicated by recruiters on social media should be, according to research by the Content Stadium platform.

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Employee referral program - 5 ways to motivate your employees to participate

In an ever-changing talent recruitment landscape, companies are looking for new approaches not only attract but also retain the best and brightest employees. One strategy that has proven revolutionary in the recruitment space, is the implementation of employee referral programs. These programs go beyond traditional recruiting methods, tapping into the wealth of knowledge and networks that existing employees bring to the table. However, the success of these programs depends on a key factor - active employee participation.

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The importance of data consistency in the recruitment process.

In the world of recruiting and finding new team members, companies face challenges that are not only professionally but often emotionally demanding. Recruiting new people to a team is like starting a new social community with its own backstories, dynamics, and relationships. But how do we ensure that this process is not only efficient, but also fair and in compliance with requirements?


Where to find talent for the company? If you motivate your employees properly, they will be happy to recommend them to you

Studies show that an employee referral program brings more than just "acquaintances" to the team. Employees recruited in this way bring quality and stay longer.

Company Culture

By managing your company culture, you can increase your company's profits

It's better to manage company culture for thriving of company than to let it take a life on its own. There are several reasons for this.

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Employee referral program delivers more loyal employees cheaper and faster. How to set it up effectively?

Job seekers show more trust in employees than employers. And that's exactly what the employee referral program is betting on. Based on the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, it brings new talents into the company who are more loyal. But what shouldn't be missing from a successful employee referral program?

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Head of HR for the Capital of Slovakia: more and more young people want to work for the city

Several departments are going digital, civil servants go to work in jeans and trainers, they are not afraid to talk about long-overlooked topics, shares information with citizens, they talk openly about important issues and they have set up an innovation team and a lab that delivers effective digital solutions - no wonder the office is becoming an attractive workplace for young people too. We spoke to Martina Rothová, Head of Human Resources for the Capital City, to find out how the city's HR department works, what changes it is going through and which colleagues will fit into the team.


Are you implementing digital solutions in your HR department ? Take inspiration from well-known Slovak and foreign companies.

Digital innovations have been changing HR departments in companies in our country and in neighboring countries for several years. How have well-known Slovak and local branches of foreign companies grasped this process? What situations have they had to cope with and what have the changes brought them?

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Case Study

STILL CZ digitalizes recruitment, gives employees the opportunity to improve onboarding

The HR team at STILL CZ is increasingly moving its recruitment and onboarding activities online and using IT technologies. It has also managed to include cooperation with recruitment agencies in this process. The smart system has thus replaced individual candidate registration, tracks key data and the efficiency of the solution gives the HR department more time to devote to employees once they have been hired.